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Is Perfectionism a Negative Concept?


A reader asked the following: 

The problem I'm having with the messaging I'm hearing (in the greater world view) about perfectionism is that it is singled out as being negative. How can it be negative when God calls us to a life of perfection? 

After contemplation, here is my response. Tell me what YOU think.

The negative "perfectionism" that is being mentioned is characterized by an unattainable standard of flawlessness or an excessive concern over making mistakes. It is often characterized …

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Unmasking the Power of Beliefs


Our past has a big impact on how we see ourselves and what we believe. Experiences, especially bad ones, can change how we see ourselves and the world around us for a long time. But it's important to know that the meaning we give to these things aren't always right or helpful.

Let's take a look at our pasts, question our beliefs, and choose new beliefs that help us have a healthy view of ourselves. By going on this journey, you'll learn more about yourself, get rid of beliefs that hold you back…

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About Doubt


Today has me thinking about doubt...

First, doubt doesn't mean you're doing something wrong or failing. Remember: failure is just information. Everyone doubts.

Consciousness: Mindset

What causes doubt? Let's talk about consciousness or unconsciousness.

How do we define consciousness? Consciousness is awareness. Being aware means paying attention. Pay attention to where you focus your energy.

Consider your consciousness your mental state. So, how aware are you? What are you paying attention …

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Is Self-Compassion Compatible with Faith?

Transformation Tuesday self-compassion

Today, I'm thinking about how self-compassion contributes to our growth.

To me, self-compassion is the cornerstone of making a positive life transformation. It is about being as patient, sympathetic, and supportive to ourselves as we would be to a close friend going through a tough time. In other words, we need to accept ourselves just as we are, flaws and all, and be able to express and feel what we are feeling without passing judgment.

Developing an attitude o…

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Choose Your Top 5 "Influencers" Consciously


You’ve set goals. You’re super psyched. And then you tell your family and friends about it and …

whomp whomp. 

Much to your surprise, they aren’t super psyched. In fact, they might even roll their eyes and say something like “here we go again” or “I’ll believe it when I see it.” 

And some may even get upset about your goals … because it could mean fewer nights out or changing up your family routine! 

It’s pretty normal for this to happen. 

In fact, it’s one of the top concerns I hear from n…

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I'm Really Not Motivated


“How do you stay so motivated?”

People ask me this ALL THE TIME

Fact: I don’t! …. So I work at it! 

Motivation is like a muscle – the more you flex it, the stronger it becomes.

But what do you do to get your motivation “muscle” in shape in the first place?

You find ways to intentionally keep yourself motivated!

I’ve put together a list of proven ways to build motivation right into your healthy habits.

  1. Make it fun! Try a new recipe. Do a new workout (working with a fitness pro is a no-br…

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Don't Get Ahead of Yourself


“Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

That phrase used to drive me crazy when I was a kid! It felt like grown-ups were always trying to hold me back.

But they weren’t. They wanted me to reach my goals – and I’m sharing this with you today to help YOU reach your own goals.

→ The only thing you can control is what you do TODAY.

It’s human nature to want to speed ahead – to focus on where you want to be, instead of where you are now.

But the fastest route to your goals is to focus on TODAY.

Your act…

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Keep Going!


Keep going!

If you’re struggling right now with your goals, it’s NORMAL. 

Keep going.

If you’ve slipped up with your “clean eating” goals, make sure the VERY NEXT thing you eat is a healthy choice. Remember: you’re always just one meal or snack from a healthy diet.

If you’re feeling *this close* to giving up any of your other healthy habits – just keep going.

It’s not about striving for perfection. NO ONE is perfect – we ALL struggle. It’s part of being human.

But what separates those who …

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How NOT to Reach Your Goals This Year


I love to focus on the positive!

Well, in this article I’m going to tell you how NOT to reach your goals this year.

Because there’s one big mistake you can make that can push you into a HUGE trap – and you’ll end up feeling frustrated, burned out, and like a quitter.

Here’s how it happens:

You set some HUGE goals for the New Year (yay!!!!). 

Starting NOW, you will finally get your you-know-what together.

You’ll drink  ALL the water … eat super-clean food (and journal every bite) … be extra…

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Bach Flower Essence Therapy

flower essences vasudha-hkfMujamv9s-unsplash

Bach Flower Essences

Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.

Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets. The remedies are preserved in grape based brandy and are gluten free

The original Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing dis…

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