Hi! I'm Sheila Gravely

I'm a professional certified life coach and a certified natural health professional. I'm certified in a whole bunch of other modalities too, but I won't bore you with the details. If you're interested, you can find a list by Clicking Here

My journey into coaching began with the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease called Lupus over 30 years ago. 

Instead of taking the traditional western medical approach to dealing with this disease, I successfully addressed the issue using diet and lifestyle changes.

I've dedicated my life to studying natural wellness and helping my clients improve their lives, feel better, and achieve their goals.

If you want to improve your physical and/or emotional wellness, your relationships, or achieve life goals, coaching can help. My greatest joy is to help people transform into who they want to be - body, mind, and spirit.

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My Journey

I grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family.

As an unhappy teenager, I was intrigued by why people were unhappy and struggling emotionally.

I wanted to help people feel better about themselves and to heal their emotions. I became a counselor who could help people understand their thoughts, how these thoughts led to their feelings, how feelings led to their actions, and how their actions ultimately led to how their lives were turning out.

When I was 16 years old, I had a severe case of acne, and was treated with antibiotics for 8 years. That's right - 8 years straight on antibiotics! Fantastic for gut health, I know!

I believe this overuse of antibiotics led to my struggle with a serious autoimmune condition. The standard treatment was a lifetime of medications that had some really bad side-effects.

I took a different treatment path. 

This diagnosis launched my interest in and pursuit of natural medicine.  In 1993, I began to study how to manage my autoimmune condition using nutrition and other lifestyle wellness practices. Almost 30 years later, I still do not take any pharmaceuticals!

Along the way, I became certified in a number of healing modalities and techniques. And I developed a passion for helping others navigate their own wellness journey.

For most of my adult life, I served as a spiritual counselor and Director of Counseling at a non-profit organization, until 2018, when I combined my counseling profession with health coaching into one pursuit - and The Lifest was born.

I help my clients to feel better - both physically and emotionally. I help them to improve their physical wellness, improve their relationships, and achieve their goals.

I help my clients identify what's going on in their brain that's keeping them from achieving the results they want. 

I help them see where they're stuck, and help them to navigate through the changes they need to make to create the results they desire.

My greatest joy is to help people transform into who they want to be - to live their best lives.  I love watching my clients achieve goals they previously thought were impossible!

That's why I do what I do.

I help people to optimize the physical and emotional experiences - I help people to heal - I help people to thrive!

My Philosophy of Care

I use habit science along with the latest scientific information about diet and lifestyle to help clients make changes that improve sleep, lose weight, recover from addictions, experience more graceful aging, and improve emotional well-being. 

I help clients to develop a healthy mindset and daily habits.

What You Can Expect At Your First Appointment

Our first visit is a time to become acquainted and is absolutely FREE. I take this opportunity to get to know about you - what you value, how you care for yourself, what are your life triumphs and challenges, and what are your future goals.

Happy Clients!

  • Sheila Gravely Coaching

    “• I feel better in my body.
    • I eat a healthier diet.
    • I have better eating habits.
    • I sleep better
    • I have more energy.
    • I've developed better self-care habits.
    • I have a stronger, more consistent meditation practice. ”

  • Sheila Gravely Coaching

    “The experience with my coach was informative and productive. I found myself connecting to the transformative way of self care in all aspects. Simply put, Sheila's professional and personal guidance allowed for me to understand and comprehend the information...the group discussion led by her allowed each in the group to share their thoughts, accomplishments, and even setbacks. Her instruction afforded me to truly look at myself without condemnation, but, to press in to do the changes that would be productive and helpful for my well-being”

  • Sheila Gravely Coaching

    “My experience was lovely! I learned so much and truly felt cared for and encouraged.”

  • Sheila Gravely Coaching

    “"Sheila has helped me uncover the deeper roots of my anxiety, walking me through how to recognize my thoughts and change them to then alter my resulting emotions. Through this, I have been able to sooner recognize my anxiety and approach it in a healthy way. She is such a caring listener, and she has helped me see the overall narrative of how I approach the world and how I continuously need to come back to the promises of God. I can tell that I am steadily growing through her wisdom and our time together."

    Thank you SO much for all that you do!! ”

    Campus Staff Minister | Greek InterVarsity, University of Virginia