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Mobility affects how your body feels when you get up in the morning, the ease of your daily activities, how limber you stay as you get older, and your overall fitness, strength, and performance. 

This challenge helps you to know how to move your body better.


The brand-new 2021 edition of my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide is my special THANK YOU for being part of our incredible community. 

This year's guide is packed with fun, creative, and healthy gift ideas everyone will love - and that show how much you care. From stocking stuffers to wellness gifts to food & drink ideas to inspiring book ideas - there's something for everyone on your list.


Your core works hard 24/7 to keep your body balanced and aligned. Often our daily lives conspire against it and make our core's job even harder!

This program will help balance and strengthen your core from every direction. You'll learn HOW to engage your core, then you'll learn the #1 thing you can do to make your core stronger and more balanced. Finally, you'll incorporate targeted exercises to sculpt a strong core.


It's so important to move your body and get regular exercise - but life gets busy. It's all too easy to move your workout to "tomorrow."

Missing workouts and failing to follow through on commitments to yourself doesn't feel very good! IT DOESN"T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY - THERE IS A SOLUTION.

In this guide you will find results-driven workouts that will fit into even the busiest schedule - and it's designed for ALL fitness levels!


This Ultimate Pre-workout Guide outlines specific actions you can take to get the absolute BEST results from your workouts.

As you go through the program, you’ll discover how a healthy lifestyle contributes to your workouts – and how your workouts contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Having a fitness routine that works for your lifestyle is a key part of feeling energized, fit, strong, and ready for whatever comes your way.