Healthy Habits

All the Tools You Need to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Dreaded Health & Fitness Rut


Hitting a plateau and getting "stuck" is something that has happened to just about everyone. 

This guide offers simple strategies to help you avoid and break through so you can reach your goals faster with less frustration.


This workbook will help you to break through your barriers so you can look back on 2022 as one of the BEST years of your life!

No "white-knuckling" here! We focus on helping you to take intentional, deliberate actions that:

  • works WITH your lifestyle
  • adds real value to your quality of life
  • gets (and keeps) you excited about the future, and
  • steadily moves you closer to your personal vision of success

Start your days feeling calm and in charge - and well on your way to reaching your goals.

This guide will help you establish daily routines to help you achieve your goals and reduce stress.


What your body & mind want - and need - changes at every age and stage of life.

This guide will help you navigate the decades with ease, feeling strong, fit, and centered.


This guide outlines why it's important to make sleep a priority, how to get more of it, and show you ways to optimize your sleeping time for improved health, energy, focus, and performance.


Being more mindful can help you set more meaningful goals, and help fuel you toward reaching them.

In this workbook, we will explore what mindfulness is (and isn't)…and do some fun and unique exercises to create more of those magic moments in your life!


Some stress is normal (and even healthy)...but chronic stress can do a real number on your body.

It can wreak havoc on your hormones, making you gain weight. And it can also take a major toll on your health, paving the way for illness and disease.

This mini-course will help you take back control over your level of stress by equipping you with some easy techniques that will calm your body, ease your mind, and life your spirit.


Do you ever hit that mid-afternoon slump? Feel like you need a caffeine pick-me-up to make it through the day? 

This guide delivers 5 tips to jumpstart your battery right now AND 5 long-term actions to take to build more stamina and endurance in the future.


Your breathing is linked to your health, stress, sleep, and energy. 

This guide contains 6 different breathing exercises that will help you relax, de-stress, give mental clarity, and get better sleep.