Taking Thoughts Captive


Becoming Mindful is an 8-week course that will help you integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily life so that you can decrease stress and increase focus and happiness.


Learn to fuel your body optimally - turn your body into a fat-burning machine! Flip the switch from burning sugar to burning fat as a primary fuel source. 

You will get a comprehensive resource manual that shows you the best ways to keep motivated, a complete Keto Meal Plan with delicious recipes and weekly grocery lists. You will have access on our private Facebook Group where you will receive support and participate with other members as you learn about new foods and new habits.

With the upgraded option, in addition to all of the features above, you will have access to private coaching support (up to 4, 45-minute sessions) via Zoom.

The Ultimate 90 Wellness Experience


The Vibrant Woman Project is a 90-day wellness adventure designed to ease you into a healthier lifestyle that will transform your body, mind, and soul. This program gives you the support you need to optimize your health in a completely customized way. It's your secret weapon for living a life full of health, purpose, and joy.

You can get back control of your body, metabolism, hormones, mind, self-care, and social health with the Vibrant Woman Project's tried-and-true, all-around plan, which is based on YOUR lifestyle.