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Here at The Lifest, we help people to live their healthiest, most vibrant lives - body, mind, and spirit. 

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I view wellness from a holistic perspective which means I’m interested in the whole person and what it means to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Certified Yoga Health Coach and a Certified Keto Nutrition Health Coach, I help awesome people like you make positive and lasting changes to your health. Together, we create a vision for your health and well-being. I help you develop a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encourage you every step of the way as you set and accomplish your goals.

I help you develop step-by-step plans to up-level your daily healthy habits by:

  • Educating about Healthy Eating Guidelines
  • Solving Sleep Issues
  • Managing Stress
  • Establishing Great Self-care Practices
  • Maintaining a positive and healthy mindset
  • Balancing wellness and a busy schedule
  • And much more

Coaching is about having an accountability partner who will support and encourage you even when you feel ready to quit. A coach provides support and inspiration to continue moving forward, even if you are dealing with a health-related issue.

No matter what health conditions or ailments you may have, a health coach encourages you to recognize that living a thriving life is about making healthy choices that positively impact your physical and emotional health.

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