Mobility affects how your body feels when you get up in the morning, the ease of your daily activities, how limber you stay as you get older, and your overall fitness, strength, and performance. 

This challenge helps you to know how to move your body better.


This detox is designed to rid your body of built-up toxins and wastes, normalize your hormone levels, give you more energy, make your skin glow, and feed and fuel your body so you feel ridiculously  amazing!

 Taking Thoughts Captive


Becoming Mindful is an 8-week course that will help you integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily life so that you can decrease stress and increase focus and happiness.

All the Tools You Need to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Dreaded Health & Fitness Rut


Hitting a plateau and getting "stuck" is something that has happened to just about everyone. 

This guide offers simple strategies to help you avoid and break through so you can reach your goals faster with less frustration.


Your body has an amazing built-in detoxification system to help battle toxins. But the fact is, our environment is teeming with potentially harmful chemicals. They can be found almost everywhere, This guide will bring awareness to the toxins you may be exposed to, and help you reduce them whenever possible.



This course is a part of our Getting It Done Program. Create Your 30-day Goal helps you to learn the value of choosing a goal and sticking with it until it is accomplished - no matter what!

If you want to be productive you have to become a good planner AND you need to follow through on your plans.

Why don't we follow through on our plans? Because we experience discomfort. People who get things done have learned how to be uncomfortable and do what needs to be done anyway. 


This workbook will help you to break through your barriers so you can look back on 2022 as one of the BEST years of your life!

No "white-knuckling" here! We focus on helping you to take intentional, deliberate actions that:

  • works WITH your lifestyle
  • adds real value to your quality of life
  • gets (and keeps) you excited about the future, and
  • steadily moves you closer to your personal vision of success

Start your days feeling calm and in charge - and well on your way to reaching your goals.

This guide will help you establish daily routines to help you achieve your goals and reduce stress.


What's for dinner? These recipes contain just a few basic ingredients, require minimal time, and they taste GREAT!


What your body & mind want - and need - changes at every age and stage of life.

This guide will help you navigate the decades with ease, feeling strong, fit, and centered.


Learn to fuel your body optimally - turn your body into a fat-burning machine! Flip the switch from burning sugar to burning fat as a primary fuel source. 

You will get a comprehensive resource manual that shows you the best ways to keep motivated, a complete Keto Meal Plan with delicious recipes and weekly grocery lists. You will have access on our private Facebook Group where you will receive support and participate with other members as you learn about new foods and new habits.

With the upgraded option, in addition to all of the features above, you will have access to private coaching support (up to 4, 45-minute sessions) via Zoom.


Coaching isn't about treating the symptoms of pain or shortcomings - it's about finding the root cause of each symptom, understanding it, and then helping you, the client, change it to make room for success and fulfillment.

I've created this mini-course for you - my new client. Here are a few steps to make our sessions - especially our first session - a productive, transformational experience for you.