Ready, Set, Thrive!

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Do you want more vibrant health, better sleep, and more energy? Would you like to age more gracefully? Are you yearning to take your physical and emotional health to a higher level? Do you desire to be supported in a community of like-minded people who want to live vibrantly? Are you ready to be part of a dynamic group of individuals committed to developing healthy lifestyle habits and living life with more ease?
If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, you are a perfect candidate for my new program, Ready, Set, Thrive!

Ready, Set, Thrive! is a lifestyle habit evolution program that will help you make changes to your daily habits to move towards greater vitality, better sleep, and graceful aging. You will create an individualized daily routine that genuinely nourishes your body. 

This program helps you get:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • peace of mind, calm
  • mental clarity
  • better digestion
  • healthy aging
  • a sense of belonging… to a community who wish to grow beyond…

This is absolutely the program for you if you are:

  • exhausted
  • stressed, anxious, tense, overwhelmed
  • mentally foggy
  • experiencing inflammatory issues
  • struggling with autoimmune issues
  • having digestive issues
  • experiencing hormone imbalances
  • eating in a disordered way
  • not having fun

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Read, Set, Thrive! - How it Works

Over 12 months you will learn 10 simple daily habits and make progress towards embedding them into your life.

There are 3, 12-week phases of the program:

Ready -during this phase of the program you will learn about the habits (The What), how these habits will support the results you are looking for (The Why), and the background behind why these habits are important (The How it Works).

Set -during this phase of the program you will dive deeper into how to incorporate the habits into your life. You will explore and set your specific goals (Your What), you will examine your personal reasons for wanting to adapt the habits (Your Why), and you will learn to apply cutting-edge habit science to help you to incorporate your changes into your life (Your How To).

Thrive! -during this phase of the program you will see how your new habits are impacting your life. You will experience the benefits of living the habits, and you will continue to evolve your goals for your future growth and thrive.

Your course will include:

  1. Live weekly group coaching sessions
  2. Weekly video lessons 
  3. Course materials and worksheets to aid your self-inquiry and set intentions for change
  4. Up to six 15-minute private coaching sessions (by telephone or Zoom)
  5. Membership in the Ready, Set, Thrive! community forum on Facebook to share, support and receive advice 


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