Your Mindset and Your Results


I read an interesting study the other day that uncovered something pretty incredible about how our bodies work. 

Take a look at this…

Scientists gave a group of people a shake to drink.

Half of the group was told the shake was LOW in calories and nutrients...

While the other half was told it was HIGH in calories and nutrients.

As you might have guessed, everyone was given the exact same shake.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. 

The group who thought they got the low-calorie shake was the first to get hungry. Which really isn’t all that surprising.

BUT check this out: Their hormones responded as if they were hungry.

As for the group who ate the “high calorie” shake … they didn't feel as hungry or have the same hormonal response.

Pretty crazy, right? 

The Takeaway: how we think about what we eat – i.e., “healthy” or “diet” or “low cal” “small portion” or “large portion” – can actually play a role in how hungry we get.

Have you ever cut down on your portions at lunch or dinner … but before you even ate it, you thought: “There’s no way I’m going to be full after this. I’m going to be hungry again in an hour?”

Now you know it’s time to think twice before you start saying those kinds of things to yourself …

Because how you talk to yourself and think about your goals can impact:

  • your motivation and drive
  • how hungry you are
  • how hard your workouts feel
  • and just about everything else!

So let me ask you…

Do you need a reframe when it comes to changing your mindset to influence your wellness?

That’s the first place we start in The Vibrant Woman Project.

And, that’s why people are getting results like these…

  • more energy
  • less stress
  • balanced hormones
  • better mood
  • increased happiness
  • better body image
  • improved sleep
  • calm mind

If you know something needs to change, let’s talk about it.


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